Web Designs for the Smaller Church

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  Got less than 200 in worship?

  Can't afford a "fancy" website?

  No staff to keep your site up-to-date?

  But really need a great website anyway?

Been There Done That

Let's face it ... even if you had an awesome website, keeping it current can be a big hassle.

  • Imagine getting a custom website that includes everything prospective visitors are looking for.
  • Imagine someone else doing all the work.
  • Imagine someone else keeping it up to date for you.
  • Imagine that it doesn't cost you an arm, leg, three fingers, or tap out your building fund to boot!

For nearly next to nothing, we'll either:

  •   Upgrade your current website to one of our templates
  •   Or we'll help you start from scratch.


Built on the WordPress platform for maximum compatibility and flexibility. Plus we'll host your site on our servers.
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Choose from 5 responsive templates that look great at the office, on your phone, and on your tablet.
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We'll create your website from scratch ... or import the one you have. We'll even help you create the content.
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Select from a menu of online apps including Church Calendar, Pastor's Blog, Podcasts, Newsletters, & more.
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We'll keep your website up-to-date with weekly updates of your content and images. Sit back and relax!
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It's your site. There's nothing proprietary, so you can make changes and updates on your own if you'd like.
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There will never be an easier way to reach potential guests. They're already visiting your website, so make sure you're giving them the information they need to fall in love your church. Our web designs and update service makes all that happen and you don't even have to know who to spell "website." We'll take care of it all for you.

The Effective Church Group has been consulting with churches for over three decades and has helped thousands of churches reach their communities for Jesus ... and since the mid-nineties we've been making recommendations about best practice for church websites.

We're passionate about the church and about helping congregations become as faithful and effective as possible.